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Yes, essentially a trim and a haircut are the same thing. We need to reshape and access all of the hair, it is just the length of hair that is being cut off that is different. A haircut that is a transformation or new style may cost more as more time and precision may be required which is why we allow a price range.

The frequency of getting your hair done differs from client to client and depends on your preference. But as a general rule, our hairstylists recommend coming in every 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape and color of your current hairstyle and every 12-14 weeks if you’re growing your hair out or your hair is not colored.

First we would recommend getting a trim to remove the unhealthy ends. Then we would suggest an Olaplex strengthening treatment, followed by moisture repair mask such as Colure Richly Moisture.

Our make-up artists are indeed available for all your special events, including bridal, prom, and graduation. Our professional artists offer makeup application events on location and in salon. We welcome bridal parties of all sizes, and can handle large events with ease. We’re here to fulfill all your wedding makeup and special event makeup needs.

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